Chemistry Short Notes & Formula Book

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Features of  NEETBIOLOGY360 that help you get to hold onto your subjects and perform in the NEET exam.
  • Self-explanatory Notes’
  • Notes have been prepared by NEET PG Top Faculties & Toppers, thus giving you an edge over regular aspirants.
  • Detailed theory and concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Special focus on Physics and Chemistry(for students with weak subjects)
  • Problem-solving methods and solved examples 
  • Short tricks by Toppers & NEET experts
  • 80-90% questions of any question bank, Test Series related to NEET can be solved after preparing from NEETBiology360

To score 620+ in the NEET exam:-  Thoroughly study NEETBiology360 and solve questions from standard question banks. Regularly revise notes once done with the syllabus and retain the knowledge shared in the notes with problem-solving skills.

Why choose NEETBiology360’s Handbook NEET notes?
  1. Collected from top coachings and written by top students.
  2. You will find important marked information, short tricks to remember and concise theory to help you memorize easily
  3. Covers problems solving methods used by toppers
  4. Focussed study material, saves your time and no extra burden
  5. Brings you onboard with the mainstream NEET preparation so that you don’t miss out on anything.


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